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The Wally Dog started at a hotdog stand selling hotdogs at college football games and events. Hotdog Wallys is dedicated in maintaining the highest standards of service and quality in our foods, striving to sustain the original Hotdog Wallys experience.

Hotdog Wally, our mascot, is an icon at the Columbus Destroyers AFL league. His high energy and spunk created families to adore him. Since his original college days, Hotdog Wally has joined forces with the Youngstown State major league baseball draft league, the Scrappers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cleveland Monsters.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that you’ve just bit into something delicious. When you sink your teeth in these hotdogs, you’ll know you’re just not biting into any ordinary hot dog. The original zests and irreplaceable burst of juicy flavors becomes satisfying with each bite.

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